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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Cases

That's what everyone wants to know. Unfortunately, far too often, people convince themselves that they don't have a legal claim to collect damages for their pain, suffering, or financial loss. They know they've been harmed, but they feel helpless. Don't be so anxious to give away your legal rights.

You are not helpless.

At Cefalo and Associates, we are ready and willing to evaluate any case. We do this free of charge every day. So, please don't hesitate to call on us. When determining if it's worth your while to pursue a case, we typically look for two ingredients:

1. Liability – Is someone, other than you, responsible for your injuries?

2. Damage – How have you been injured? Physically? Emotionally? Financially? All three? Do you have doctors' bills? Have you lost time from work?

But, once again, don't make the decision yourself. Call or email and let us help you answer these questions.

As soon as possible. If you have been in an accident or have been harmed in any way due to someone else's carelessness, call us immediately. The sooner an attorney gets involved, the easier it will be to investigate your claim and prepare a case on your behalf. Your job is to recover from your injuries, and our job is to handle the legal stuff. Keep in mind that some claims have strict time limits in which to report your accident and, if necessary, file a lawsuit. So, speak to an attorney as quickly as possible.

At Cefalo Law, we have four full-time attorneys and our support staff ready to serve you.

Don't give away your legal rights because you think you do not have the ability to pay. At Cefalo Law, all personal injury cases are handled on a contingency-fee basis. That means our fee will be a percentage of the settlement you receive. If we are not successful in obtaining a settlement for you, we do not get paid. So, do not let fear of 'running up legal fees' keep you from calling.

The value of a personal injury case depends on many factors: the type of injury, the amount of suffering you incurred, the type of treatment you needed, the amount of medical bills, the amount of missed wages caused by your injury, whether there is long-term or on-going damage. At Cefalo Law, we will diligently examine all factors and work toward getting results for you.

Once again, this depends on many factors. That is one reason for calling us as quickly as possible. At times, especially at the point when you are near-complete recovery, we can reach an agreement between you and the party responsible for your injury and end your case fairly quickly. At other times, we must file a lawsuit on your behalf. In these cases, it is important to take all the time necessary to prepare a case that will get you the best possible outcome. You may have heard the term 'pre-trial discovery.' This is the time when both sides gather all the information they can, and it sometimes can be very time-consuming. Another potential factor is court scheduling can delay a case. At Cefalo Law, we understand our clients' anxiety as cases appear to 'drag on,' and we make every effort to move things quickly and keep you informed every step of the way.

Most people are good citizens who would never do anything to hurt someone. So they cannot imagine someone doing something to hurt them. This often causes them to forgive those who have caused them damage. While this is commendable, it is not necessarily advisable. When you have experienced an injury because of someone else's carelessness, you should not have to bear the brunt of your suffering alone. Why should you accept the financial burden, such as medical expenses and lost wages, that comes with being injured?

Our country places a high value on justice. When you have been injured through someone else's fault, you have a right to expect justice. The insurance companies which usually represent the people you may sue have an obligation to make good on the coverage they sold to their clients. In an ideal world, you wouldn't need an attorney to force insurance companies, large corporations, or hospitals to do the right thing. Unfortunately, in the real world, it doesn't always work that way. So please do not feel guilty about pursuing justice.


dee woo
George and James were absolutely amazing! I highly recommend Cefalo Law.
Basil Doyle
Best lawyer’s I dealt with very pleasant and was very happy with the outcome of my case . I wanna give George and Beaty Ann a ten star for there awesome work
David Mandeville
Attorney Oschal, BethAnn and the entire team were great to work with. They did their best to settle my case. Attorney Oschal went the extra mile for me so I can move on with my life. 😊
Heather Webb
Cefalo Law has been wonderful in getting me the best outcome for my case. They supported me every step of the way, and I would highly recommend their group of talented lawyers to get you the justice you deserve.
Debra Jacobs
Going through a personal injury law suit can be arduous. However, I highly recommend Cefalo Law, specifically request Atty. George Oschal. Atty. Oschal will go above and beyond the call of duty to settle your case. You will not be disappointed.
Melissa Williams
My son was hit by a car when he was 5 and attorney Albert did a great job presenting how I wanted my son’s settlement to be structured effectively avoiding access to all of his money at 18. We wanted him to grow his money and also have an opportunity to mature so he used the money responsibly. Fast forward 11 years later and we returned to attorney Albert. My son is now 16 and wanted to gain access to one of the smaller settlements so he could purchase a car. Attorney Albert was responsive and quickly filed a motion on our behalf which resulted in a hearing. My son was granted the withdrawal of a small settlement and we weren’t charged for any of the filing or time that attorney Albert spent on helping my son gain access to that settlement. We are very grateful for the time that attorney Albert gave us and all of the help and guidance. If we ever need anything in the future, our family will be returning to attorney Albert.
Michael Sims
My experience with Cefalo was absolutely fantastic. These guys and gals are amazing. They don't quite till you are satisfied. I was injured by a big truck from a big company and they made sure I got what I deserved. But if I have to pick one person from the firm to post about it be karean. She was so helpful and kind and caring. I highly recommend this crew out of west pittston pa. Thank you guys and gals. You helped me and my family.
David Malone
I don't know what I would have done without Cefalo Law. Attorney George Oschal did a great job representing me. His instruction and guidance were excellent and helped me navigate through the entire process with an understanding of what was needed from me and a sense of control over the situation.. Beth Ann MacTavish played a very important role as well. Beth Ann spent many hours making sure my paperwork was correct and everything was completed in a timely manner. I was updated frequently throughout the process and clearly understood my next steps. To all those looking for an attorney, I highly recommend Cefalo Law. They will work relentlessly to ensure that their clients receive the best result. I KNOW, without a doubt, that is exactly what happened for me.
Shirley Leono
Thank you attorney Andy, you and your team are the best, I highly recommend anyone looking for an attorney, Ceflo and Associates.

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